Hands-on learning.                    Curriculum Connected.   Tailored to your School.

Linda specializes in hands-on activities to get your students exploring the outdoors and thinking about environmental stewardship.

Eco-art projects like recycled textile weaving, seed bomb sculptures, vegetable shibori dyeing and natural outdoor painting, are some of the creative ways used to connect students to nature and their environment.

A range of programs are offered to suit your school - from in class, curriculum-connected workshops, to whole school projects, and after-school clubs. 

These programs are great ways to celebrate Earth Day, special events or could be the centerpiece of grant-sponsored environmental initiatives.



... Starting small ...

Half day or full day activities for grade divisions or whole schools

Creative projects that give your students a hands-on learning experience.
Projects can take place outdoors or indoors, using natural materials and the environment as inspiration.
Project ideas include: outdoor natural painting, vegetable shibori dyeing, seed bomb sculptures, and sun prints. 

Approx. Price Range: $250 - $500

... Thinking BIG ...

1-3 day activities for the whole school to get involved in starting and maintaining eco-art project.

Large scale art projects for the whole school to take part in!
These projects can be used to create legacy art pieces, to develop and animate an outdoor learning area,
and excite your students to get outside! Project ideas include: recycled textile weaving, silk painting,
seed paper making, and natural dyeing and natural graffiti projects.

Approx. Price Range: $550 – $1500


Outdoor Learning

consultations & Workshops

Practical solutions to enrich the opportunities for play and learning in your outdoor space.  

Make the most of your outdoor space with tailored workshops for your students. Participate in inquiry-based workshops with students, designing and creating new elements that bring nature and art into outdoor play spaces and modelling loose parts play. 

Contact for more information and quotes

   - Michael Cohen, Superintendent, YRDSB

   - Michael Cohen, Superintendent, YRDSB

For more information on booking a project for your school, contact artwithlinda@gmail.com