INQUIRY BASED exploration. 

Linda focuses on providing the natural inspiration for outdoor art experiences to our youngest learners. Through small, exploration-based workshops, children discover art through natural examples of colour, line, texture and shape.  

Linda practices the Reggio Emilia Approach and has worked with early childhood centers, preschools, kindergartens and Montessori schools. 

Projects like weaving with found nature, vegetable dyeing and sculpture building with clay and sensory doughs challenge young children and provide opportunities for unique discussion and skill development. These workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs; they could be the start of large natural art project, a great way to explore seasonal changes, or simply help promote more natural and open-ended outdoor play.

... starting small ...

Half day or full day workshops to introduce natural art and inspire open-ended play

Natural creativity workshops built around your choice of art theme; colour, texture, line or shape.
A variety of art materials will be provided; wood, fabric and yarn, sensory doughs, weaving frames,
natural paints, etc. Workshops also highlight artists using nature and show a variety of
natural art examples to inspire open-ended play opportunities.

Approx. Price Range: $150 - $500

... thinking BIG ...

1-3 day workshops to get children involved large-scale Eco-Art projects

Eco-Art projects allow children an in-depth exploration of natural art-making techniques.
Possible projects include: natural fabric dyeing and painting, recycled textile weaving, seed and clay sculptures, etc.
Documentation of the project (photos and children's discussions) will be provided after the workshop, so educators
can continue to explore various themes and natural inquiries.

Approx. Price Range: $500 - $1000


   - Melissa Bulgutch, Parent, TDSB Teacher

   - Melissa Bulgutch, Parent, TDSB Teacher

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